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4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

For many of us, vacation is a time to rest, explore and indulge. But with a break from the routine schedule, healthy habits can sometimes be compromised. Try these simple tips to stay healthy and feel great while traveling.


1- Move around. When flying or taking a train, try to get up and stretch every hour to keep circulation moving and stay energized. If getting up is not practical, be sure to practice frequent muscle contraction and relaxing from your toes to your neck. Once you reach your destination, walk as much as you can, take the stairs when available, and schedule outdoor activities as the weather permits.


2- Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is essential – especially if you’re flying. Bring your own empty stainless steel water bottle to fill up at the airport and drink throughout the flight (aim for at least eight ounces of water per hour). Also avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salty foods – they can be dehydrating. Instead sip on decaffeinated tea and munch on a piece of fresh fruit. If on a flight, you can bring your own teabags and request hot water.


3- Focus on rest. Being well-rested can help keep your immune system strong – important in surroundings such as busy cities. When you arrive at your destination, consider taking melatonin – 2.5 mg sublingually – at bedtime for one or two nights. It can help reduce jet lag, regardless of the direction of travel.


4- Plan ahead for eating healthy.  Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile, pack healthy snacks for the journey so you don’t need to rely on fast food. Apples, unsalted nuts, and cut-up veggies are healthy options that travel well. Use review apps or websites to seek out healthier restaurants at your destination or visit a local grocery store near you, especially if you have a refrigerator at your destination.


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